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Alpine Blue Turquoise

Posted by Dillon Hartman on Feb 18th 2021

About Alpine Blue Turquoise

Alpine Blue Turquoise or "Alpine Valley Turquoise" is a variety of turquoise from Cananea, Mexico.  This beautiful material comes from a small mine in the hills outside of the city of Cananea, Mexico. This gem is known for its gorgeous true blue color and pyrite matrix.  Having said this, the mine produces material from aqua blue to deep true blue.  This turquoise can have pyrite, quartz and also Rhyolite matrix.  Stones can look similar to old Morenci or Persian Turquoise.  They can also look very similar to Kingman Turquoise.  Most of the material from this mine has to be stabilized. This Turquoise is very beautiful and quickly becoming one of our favorites.

One unfortunate occurrence related to this Turquoise mine is that many dealers buy this material and then cut and sell it as other mine material. The most common misleading practice is for cutters to call it "Morenci 2".  This is horrible because jewelers buy it and then simply call it Morenci Turquoise in their finished jewelry.  It is not at Morenci which is from the Morenci Mine in Arizona.  This Turquoise is from Mexico.  Morenci 2 is a fake name given to Alpine Blue Turquoise in order to deceive jewelers and jewelry buyers and to sell the stones for an inflated price.  Beware.  I have also seen this Turquoise sold as Kingman or even Bisbee.  It is not.  It should be resected and sold for the true mine name.

Alpine Blue Turquoise is some gorgeous turquoise which is hand mined in Cananea, Mexico and will become a classic.