Angel Wing Variscite

Angel Wing Variscite

Posted by Dillon Hartman on Sep 13th 2023

Angel Wing Variscite mine cabochons by Dillon and Nattarika Hartman

Angel Wing Variscite Mine in Nevada

The Angel Wing Variscite mine is located in northern Nevada, USA near the famous New Lander mine. This claim is said to have been named after an outcropping of rocks in the area that looks just like angel wings.  The mine has passed down through several hands. The current owners of the mine have had wonderful luck mining some amazing nodules of spider web matrix mint green, yellow, and brown variscite. Nuggets that are totally clear with no matrix have also been found. Most of this natural American Variscite is super hard and porcelain in texture. Nuggets from golf ball size to foot ball size have been found.

Spider Web Angel Wing Variscite slabs

High Grade Spider Web Angel Wing Variscite Rough

Top Gem Grade Angel Wing Variscite from Nevada

Angel Wing Variscite is a real pleasure to cut. The gem material is very hard and polishes up like glass. Unlike some Variscite and turquoise varieties, Angel Wing feature hard matrix that cuts great and polishes well.  Much of the material features spider web matrix patterns and is a minty green to grass green color.  This is probably the most well know look of Angel Wing Variscite. Having said that, the mine also produces beautiful brown, yellow, and white Variscite with spider web matrix, as well as, large nuggets of matrix free Variscite. This material is hard enough to be cut unbacked, although most people back their cabs as is traditional in the USA.

Top Gem Grade Natural Angel Wing Variscite Cabochons by Dillon and Nattarika Hartman

Gemstones from the Angel Wing Variscite mine in Nevada, USA are fabulous additions to any gem and mineral collection.  Cabochons of top grade Angel Wing make wonderful pieces of jewelry and are a joy to work with.

Natural Angel Wing Variscite Cabochons by Dillon and Nattarika

Natural Spiderweb Variscite from the Angel Wing mine in Nevada, USA