White Water Turquoise

White Water Turquoise

Posted by Dillon Hartman on Jun 27th 2023

A little about White Water Turquoise 

White Water Turquoise in the rough

White Water Turquoise is a High-Grade deposit that comes from Campitos mine located on the Campitos Mountain outside of Cananea, Sonora Mexico. 

Cananea is a city in the Mexican state of Sonora, Northwestern Mexico. It is the seat of the Municipality of Cananea, in the vicinity of the U.S−Mexico border. The historic Sonoran mining community of Cananea, located in Northeastern Sonora about a one-hour drive from Naco, Arizona, is the city located at the northernmost end of Sonora highway 8.Mining plays a large part in the history and modern-day economy of Cananea.

Cananea Copper Mine

Also known as “the city of copper (la ciudad de cobre),” Cananea has one of the largest open-pit copper mines in the world, and a storied history of the extraction of minerals and metals. Mining began in the area as early as the 1600’s.

The Campitos Mountains have a few different mines for metals as well as for gems.  The Campitos Mountains contain the Campitos Mine, The Nacozari mine, the Sonoran Gold Mine, the Sierra Bella mine, and the White Water mine, as well as many others.

White Water Turquoise Properties

White Water Turquoise Cabochon by Dillon and Nattarika Hartman

White Water Turquoise is some of the most beautiful produced from the claims.  This mine is famous for its beautiful sky blue to aqua blue colored gems. White Water Turquoise may contain a sprinkle of sparkling pyrite inclusions, along with its distinctive sky-blue body color. White Water turquoise is considered a higher grade turquoise because of its intense blue and dream-like white matrices. This turquoise claim produces gems that features the sought after "water web" and "Birdseye" matrix patterns which make the stone super desirable.

Teardrop White Water Turquoise Cabochon

Most White Water Turquoise comes out of the mine in nugget form as opposed to vein material.  The nuggets typically range in size from a pinto bean to the size of a golf ball. On a rare occasion the mine will produce large nuggets. 

White Water Turquoise has become one of the most popular and sought after varieties of Turquoise today.