Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a printed catalog?

No. Our website is our catalog. Since most of our jewelry is one of a kind and as our inventory is ever changing we do not have a printed catalog.

Do you have a layaway plan?

Yes, we do layaways. We expect 1/3 down payment at the time of purchase and paid in three months. If the you are purchasing a larger item and would like to extend payments out to 6 months please let us know. We are quite flexible. You may call in your layaway order, select the layaway option at checkout or email us that you are sending in payment and we will remove this item so that it does not sell in the meantime. The phone order option at checkout automatically removes the item from the website. Any questions, just email!

When you choose to lay-a-way with us you can order online but you must choose "Phone Order" as the method of Payment.

What is your guarantee and return policy?

We can provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request for items of significant value. Your purchase is 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed. If someone needs to return something we ask that it is returned within 14 days of receipt and in original condition. You will receive a 100 % refund of the price of the item, we do not refund shipping.

How do you ship?

OUR PREFERRED AND STANDARD SHIPPING SERVICE IS USPS PRIORITY MAIL. We ship via U.S. Priority Mail. USPS Express or UPS with insurance in the continental U.S. We ship world wide.

What types of payment do you take?

We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, checks, money orders and Western Union Money Transfers.

Do you size rings?

Ring sizing is usually $25.00 - $35.00. If the charge for sizing comes out less than quoted we will refund the difference back to you. Some rings we can size up 1/2 to a full size, depending on the ring, using a jeweler's ring roller free of charge. Note that some rings due to how they are made cannot be sized such as inlay. The easiest way and most accurate way to determine your ring size is to go to your local jeweler and either have your finger sized or take a ring that fits well and have it measured. Keep in mind wider band widths fit a bit smaller. We do not size rings that are not ours. Once we alter merchandise it is not eligible for a refund.

Do you convert earrings to clip on?

All earrings are pieced unless otherwise noted in the description. We can convert easily any earring on a French wire or ball post to a clip-on earring. The cost of the sterling silver converter is $3.00. If the earring is a post earring that you wish to convert, please e-mail us on the possibility of converting it to a clip-on earring. This will depend on the post earring and how it was made.

How do I determine my bracelet size?

The easiest way is to measure your wrist with a tape measure or use a string and then measure the string with a ruler. Add the inside measurement of the bracelet to the opening measurement for total circumference. Bracelets that are adjustable are easiest to fit for size and comfort. 

Do you repair Sterling Silver & Indian jewelry?

We offer a 6 month workmanship warranty free of charge - no cost to customer. Items that have been damaged or broken will only be charged actual repair costs from the silversmith and shipping. We only repair items purchased from us.

Do you appraise jewelry?

We can do appraisals by request.  Contact Dillon Hartman at durangodillon@gmail.com

If you are interested in selling an item the appraisal may be free of charge, please state your intent upon contacting us. DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL US ABOUT AN APPRAISAL IF YOU ARE NOT TRYING TO SELL THE ITEM TO US. We are overwhelmed with individuals who need appraisals and who are wanting to sell us jewelry. There is a charge for appraisals if the appraisal is for your personal knowledge.

Do you do custom work?

Not typically. If you are interested in a piece of jewelry we have but would like one made in a different size or stone this may be possible depending on who and how busy the silversmith is. We will accept customer orders on jewelry over $1500.00 USD.

How do I care for jewelry?

We highly recommend cleaning your Native American jewelry and silver jewelry with a polishing cloth and storing your jewelry in a jeweler’s zip lock bag to prevent tarnish. Soft clothes and tissue may also be used. Your stones should be kept away from harsh chemicals, cleaning detergents and heat. Some stones can be permanently damaged if cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner: amber, coral, turquoise, lapis, opal, pearl. We have found the best cleaner that is safe for your gemstones to be Hagerty Silversmith’s Spray Polish.

Stones should be occasionally checked. If the stones are loose and wiggle, some simple repairs can be made by the owner. By placing a tiny amount of glue, such as Sobo – polyvinyl acetate emulsion, between the edges of a loosened stone and its bezel will help secure the stone. The edges of the bezel can be gently pressed in around the loosened stone, also, to help tighten the setting. If your stone comes completely out, the stone needs to be reset by an experienced jeweler or silversmith. Avoid excess bending of bracelets and most inlay bracelets can not be stretched or bent. With proper care, you should have a lifetime of enjoyment.

Do you use any other type of Silver other than pure Sterling Silver?

We only use Sterling Silver, 99.9% pure silver, 14k Gold, 18k Gold, 22k Gold, and copper.  We never use plate metals.

Do you use synthetic Gemstones?

NO, we do not and never will. 

Do you use synthetic Turquoise?

NO, we do not and never will. We do however use stabilized turquoise on occasion as we have customer ask for it due to the durability. If we use stabilized turquoise we will state that in the product description.

Do you use any other Turquoise than American Turquoise?

Yes. We prefer and almost always use Natural American Turquoise, predominately Natural Nevada Turquoise in our jewelry. We do however, love all turquoise. When we find beautiful turquoise from other parts of the world we will give them a try and if the sell well we will continue to offer this turquoise in our jewelry. No matter what turquoise we use it will be clear listed in the product description. WE WILL NEVER MISREPRESENT OUR TURQUOISE AS WE ARE AMERICAN TURQUOISE MINERS OURSELVES, AS WELL AS HONEST AND ETHICAL JEWELERS. Please remember a rock is a rock, no mater where it comes from. :-)

Want to exchange? Sure.

Christmas gifts ordered in November and December can be exchanged or returned through January 10th.

Can I exchange an item that I recently purchased?

Yes, extra shipping costs for exchanges may apply. Email us that you want to exchange and we will remove the item for exchange from the website.

What color is Turquoise?

Turquoise is usually blue, blue-green, green, or brown. Turquoise can be any shade of these colors from a pale almost white-blue to a deep almost a navy blue color. Turquoise can be mint green to deep forest green. Turquoise will almost always have a slight tint of blue or green to it. It is rare, but we have seen brown, yellow, white, orange, red and a light lavender purple color. Turquoise can have no matrix, spotty matrix, spiderweb matrix, pyrite matrix, quarts matrix, and almost never but rarely gold matrix.