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SOLD - Handrolled White Water Turquoise Bead

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Hand Rolled White Water Turquoise Bead

Need a great center piece for your bead necklace or a stand alone bead for your leather necklace?  Take a look at this one of a kind, Hand Rolled White Water Turquoise Bead. This real turquoise bead was hand cut and rolled from a nugget of genuine White Water Turquoise from Sonora, Mexico.  The beautiful turquoise is a sky blue color with pools of baby blue. The gem features quartz and iron pyrite matrix patterns.  The bead features a nice sized hole that can be used on bead-a-lon or on a thin leather chord.

Hand Rolled White Water Turquoise Bead with Pyrite

This hand rolled White Water Turquoise bead measures approx : 1 inch length x 0.5 inches in diameter.